Sunday, June 1, 2008

Inceptum Clausula: A.D. V NON. IVN.


Tabula Nova: Lit. New Writing Tablet.
Inceptum Clausula: The beginning of the end.

So here I am. I'm starting a whole new blog on a whole new site. I am not new to blogging, really. I've blogged off and on for a few years now. But something has dawned on me. I never really enjoyed it. Well, maybe I did . . . it was certainly therapeutic at times, but there was always a certain negativity associated with it. And why is that?

Myspace. Or recently, Myspace and Facebook, since Facebook added "notes."

I love to write. But something about those sites restricted me. What was that? My friends. I'm sure I am not the only one here to have experienced Myspace and/or Facebook drama. Oh, it comes in many forms, that "Myface" drama. I see it all the time. Everywhere, people are acting like children over what their friend says on their blogs, or writes on somebody else's message board . . . Good grief.

I'm a person who likes to write about long blogs about interesting and/or controversial issues. However, as I am friends with a fairly diverse crowd, I can hardly express an opinion without offending someone. And alas, many of my friends are hyper-sensitive about being offended. And that's just regarding the controversial entries. Such drama also occurs with the simple things, too. You can't post a reference to an event, or a party, or anything else without somebody having issues with not being invited, or who else got invited, etc.

It's so odd, really. I never experienced high school drama back in high school. I had to go to college for that. And then, I found even more after having graduated. What's up with that??

So for a couple of years, I have found myself writing blog after blog, and then having to restrict them to a "Preferred List" to avoid drama with some people. That is to say, I wrote long blogs full of controversial themes . . . and only a few people got to see them. Pretty lame, really. So now we come to why I am here.

I wanted to be able to write again, and not have to worry about the repercussions. I don't want to have to hide my thoughts in the confines of a "Preferred List" because other friends can't handle the truth. Here, I think, I can post what ever, and can maybe express a thought or two. I will keep posting casual blogs on Myspace and so on, but, if I have something controversial or interesting to say, I'll scribe it down here.

So that's about it for now . . . a declaration of intent, as it were.

Here's to vanquishing drama!


Llexia said...

Down with the MyFace drama!!

Llexia said...

Oh and yes, drama didn't catch up to me until college either. Nice site...looks like a good outlet with minimal drama. :)